What to look out for when Buying from a China Mask manufacturer?

Getting stock from and understanding what to look out for when purchasing from a reputable international supplier is always a daunting task. Fortunately, these days there are sourcing sites like Alibaba to help you do the footwork and understand who you are dealing with however you may find yourself still being the middleman in most of these cases. That is one of the reasons why most successful businesses find themselves working with the factories directly forming a close relationship with them allowing them to come up with a product that is unique to their specifications. This is highly important when you are choosing to acquire medically sensitive equipment such as surgical masks. Here are some areas that you will need to look out for when buying from a China Mask manufacturer.  

National Certification

Reputable factories in China requires to be under the China Compulsory Certification (CQC) and the China Quality Certification (CCC) these national certifications will require manufacturers of products to obtain their certification before being able to import, marketed or traded commercially within China. These tests are usually done by the laboratories of TÜV SÜD China and require accreditation from Chinese authorities.

Stay clear from businesses who claim to be self-certified when safety is a question especially in medical-related products. You may request for certification through any reputable factories that you work with. Businesses like Pepco Medical has their workshops nationally certified. Their dust-free workshop is over 5,000 square meters and has strict production standards on their masks. The company is also authorized to produce white-label solutions for third party companies.

Track Record

Timing is everything especially when it comes to launching a product in the market. Or if you are looking to fill up shortages in supply within the market. We suggest that when looking for a factory to support your production, to start looking into the history of the company that is handling the products. More reputable and sustainable companies have track records and processes. Making sure that your product is out on time. They will also be more experienced in handling requests by advising you on possible timelines instead of plausible ones.

Guangdong Pepco Medical Biotechnology Co. Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Pepco Clothing Co. Ltd.; Guangdong Pepco Clothing Co. Ltd. They are one of the top businesses for children’s clothing in China, with a fantastic record in manufacturing on time. They have a strong reputation for quality and delivery on time.

Choose Technology over Handmade  

While outsourcing it’s hard to be there to ensure everything is done right. Now that we are in the age of ethical sourcing finding a supplier that does the right to people is just as important at finding a product at the lowest price. Due to the advancement in technology, some of the better companies have given up on the sweatshop solution to production and have invested in technology to be able to churn out products effectively and safely. Another key point when buying a china mask manufacturer.

Handmade items may not be safe especially when it comes to masks because of the issues of physical contact between the mask and the person making the masks. Pepco is one of the companies that believe in the well-being of those that they employ. This is one of the reasons Pepco engages in high tech production lines able to produce a million masks daily. With various types of masks available like the KN95, N95, and surgical masks.

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